Trending // Polka Dots

If you want something fun and fresh to add to your wardrobe in the new year, try polka dots!  They are timeless, yet also very in at the moment.  I keep stumbling upon DIY’s for ways to add polka dots into your life and I wanted to share. I think they work at any age but are particularly adorable for little ones. Here are a few of my favorite DIY’s finds.


How stinkin’ cute is this??!! Gah! Follow @apieceofcake82 on Instagram for more goodness. I can just see a sweet little 2 year old totting around in this. ❤ Adorbs!


Of course one of my all time favorite bloggers, Freutcake has done a sweet DIY tutorial on polka dot napkins. Yes please!  Once you start following her you wont be able too look away either.  (blog goals am I right?!)


How sweet and classy are these tights!? Snag this Idea from This heart of mine  blog.


Of course adorable wrapping paper for any reason of gift giving is a great idea.  Snaz up your wrapping game with this DIY from Style Caster.


Last but not least this perfectly posh polka dot mouse pad tutorial from Lovely Indeed. Now this one I am making STAT. In. Love. with this look!


I think its safe to say if you have a pencil with a fresh eraser and some sort of ink stamp pad you can add polka dots to about anything around the house. So go for it, we all need a little more happy and fun in the day,  and  polka dots totally fit the bill. Happy crafting!!

xoxo, Rose


My Big Idea | Baby ‘Fashion’ Blog

It’s either a girl thing, a creative thing, or a  sign of a more serious commitment problem, but I always have about 3 new venture ideas in my head at a time.   In 2009 I started my photography business Urban Rose Photo. And I love my job, I seriously love photography.  But, I’ve felt the urge to try blogging for a while now.  Having obsessed over several different ideas, all of which were ultimately lame, a new idea popped into my head,  Fashion/projects/stylist Blogger, but for babies and kids. Then I thought, “What?! Who would care about that?”  Well, I would,  so maybe someone else would too.  Kids2014-16

So, yes, I’m going to try this blogging thing and I’m calling it,

Hello Cutie  | Fashion, Finds, and DIYs for your Little One.


Here are a few things that lead up to this idea.

1. I love design, fashion, and trying new things. I don’t know that it will amount to much, but I love the idea of blogging for a living/working from home.  Especially for when I have little ones someday, but one step at a time now..

2. Babies are on the mind.  My Husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year.  It’s been harder on me than I imagined, having trouble conceiving,  but I am staying full of hope.  We know we will be parents when the time is right.

3. I adore Baby/kids clothes and projects.  Just like puppies, everything is cuter when it’s little!  Even though I’m not a parent yet (only a fir baby so far) I do have a drawer filling up of  little clothes and shoes. Come on,  I can’t be the only one that’s done this…

 Lastly I want to say, I am not aiming to start a “Mommy Blog”, although I’m open to whatever shape it may take over the next years.  While I think  Mommy blogs are awesome,  I’m not a mommy yet and don’t claim to be knowledgeable about how long to breastfeed or if cloth or disposable diapers are right you.  This will just be a fun blog about clothes, design, and fashion. (that just happens to be centered around babies/kids!)  I hope you check back as I attempt to make design improvements,  add content,  and get a handle on this blogging gig.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wish me luck xoxo,