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It’s either a girl thing, a creative thing, or a  sign of a more serious commitment problem, but I always have about 3 new venture ideas in my head at a time.   In 2009 I started my photography business Urban Rose Photo. And I love my job, I seriously love photography.  But, I’ve felt the urge to try blogging for a while now.  Having obsessed over several different ideas, all of which were ultimately lame, a new idea popped into my head,  Fashion/projects/stylist Blogger, but for babies and kids. Then I thought, “What?! Who would care about that?”  Well, I would,  so maybe someone else would too.  Kids2014-16

So, yes, I’m going to try this blogging thing and I’m calling it,

Hello Cutie  | Fashion, Finds, and DIYs for your Little One.


Here are a few things that lead up to this idea.

1. I love design, fashion, and trying new things. I don’t know that it will amount to much, but I love the idea of blogging for a living/working from home.  Especially for when I have little ones someday, but one step at a time now..

2. Babies are on the mind.  My Husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year.  It’s been harder on me than I imagined, having trouble conceiving,  but I am staying full of hope.  We know we will be parents when the time is right.

3. I adore Baby/kids clothes and projects.  Just like puppies, everything is cuter when it’s little!  Even though I’m not a parent yet (only a fir baby so far) I do have a drawer filling up of  little clothes and shoes. Come on,  I can’t be the only one that’s done this…

 Lastly I want to say, I am not aiming to start a “Mommy Blog”, although I’m open to whatever shape it may take over the next years.  While I think  Mommy blogs are awesome,  I’m not a mommy yet and don’t claim to be knowledgeable about how long to breastfeed or if cloth or disposable diapers are right you.  This will just be a fun blog about clothes, design, and fashion. (that just happens to be centered around babies/kids!)  I hope you check back as I attempt to make design improvements,  add content,  and get a handle on this blogging gig.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wish me luck xoxo,



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